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Why I *Think* I Got Pregnant So Quickly… (Ep 07)

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The cat is finally out of the bag – I am preggers! Yay I am so glad to finally feel ready to share this news with you. It’s a totally relief after spending the past 12 weeks skirting around the whole thing.


And if you want to get a big lovely update on my entire first trimester then click here but in this podcast I am going to share with you what I did on the year lead up to me getting pregnant and why I *think* I got pregnant so quickly. Due to previous hormonal issues I was very intentional about preparing for pregnancy and in this episode I will share the main things I did last year to prep for a potential baby hall.


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Show Summary

  • Why there is not blame or shame when it comes to making babies
  • My FIVE trimester approach to pregnancy
  • The 6-7 strategies I applied to help boost my fertility
  • Why and how the thyroid can impact your energy
  • What else could be making you tired
  • 4 simple ways to support your thyroid through diet


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