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…I am Kezia Hall and I used to hate my body. I was sick and stuck on the loo for hours a day and was often asked if I was pregnant….when I wasn’t (didn’t even have a boyfriend!)I was just massively bloated. I used to have doctors look at me utterly mystified at why I was not well and told nothing could be done and that I should worry less.


And I was sick of feeling like crap.


Tired, uncomfortable, scared to eat certain foods in case they ‘set me off‘. 


Are you the same?


Sick of feeling off, of not seeing any results or making any progress no matter how many foods you remove from your diet (hint: removing food is not the answer).

Overwhelmed by all the info out there, unsure of what to listen to and if probiotics are really the 
cure all supplement!????  (hint: they are not).


Then it’s time for change…


When I learned to listen to my body,  learned what it uniquely needed and how to discover the root cause of my woe, everything changed.


I discovered that food (yes food – the love of my life) could be my medicine. And not only nourished and restored my own body but became a total nutrition geek in the process….


Because we really can ditch the bloating,  the crazy hormones, problem skin, unwanted weight and painful digestion.


I learned to heal and thrive. And now I want to help you!


So working with me is for you if …

  • you want to learn what to eat to double your energy.
  • you are sick of being bogged down with bloating, reflux, farting and feeling BLAH
  • want to know get a flatter happier tummy! (seriously it’s possible!)
  • you want to create a normal relationship with food and your body.
  • you really want to have normal poo’s…….. and less embarrassing wind!
  • you want to learn how the foods you eat could support recovery from things like adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, bloating, low immunity, hormonal imbalance, acne and more. 
    *please note I am not a doctor or medical practitioner – this is a purely holistic and alternative approach to healing your beautiful body and done at your own risk 😉


I want to help you find YOUR version of healthy.



But I don’t work with everyone, working with me is NOT for you if…

  • you refuse to work with your local doctor/GP  
  • you are strictly vegan or  plant based
  • are still struggling, or have very recently struggled with, bulimia, anorexia or orthorexia in last 6 months
  • you’re pregnant or just given birth in last 4 months (mega congrats!!!)  


Whilst working together we create a bespoke and utterly unique plan of action that is realistic and simple but will get you MASSIVE results if you’re ready to do the work/chewing 😉




I am now open to new clients!


Here’s how to get started…. 

Step 1. Fill in this tiny form to schedule a 30 min complimentary, no-obligation consultation (its really just a chat between the two of us). Fill in the form here.

Step 2. Watch your email for some info and then we will hop on the phone or skype.

Step 3. At the scheduled time of your consultation, we’ll chat over the phone or skype and see if working with me is the perfect fit for you.

Step 4 Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.



l was suffering from nausea and indigestion which at it’s worst stopped me eating much for almost a week, and I seemed to be permanently bloated. I also had bad skin, PCOS and hormones all over the place …..
Without Kezia I would still be stuck with miserable digestion, missing out on eating so many wonderful foods and potentially making things worse by trying to figure it out myself.”
Kirsten Moore – Previous Client









There is no one size fits all when it come to your health and what you need.

So I don’t offer one off sessions (as you don’t often get the best results from it) only 12-24 week packages where we work together during regularly.

A 12-16 week package can look like…

  • 1.5 hour holistic health assessment – where we create your personal health timeline and try to get to the ROOT of the issue.
  • 3 follow-up calls over 12 weeks – so we can regularly make tweaks and progress
  • bespoke nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan – clearly written out personalised notes to make it simple
  • 12-week free access to Clubhouse – amazing community support where you can ask question and know your not alone
  • weekly email support with me – every week you can check in and know I am with you the whole way
  • access to recipes and 6 months worth of meal plans – because #savestime
  • personalised holistic testing recommendations 



x3 £265
£750 one off payment (5% off)

Please note one to one packages are non-refundable. Available on Tues, Wed & Thurs daytime and some evenings. No weekend availability.





Not ready for one to one? Then why not join The Clubhouse my super affordable group coaching program 😉




“I was mainly feeling tired, low in energy and wanted to learn how to detox from the pill, settle my hormones and reduce my chances of getting more (ovarian)cysts.
Now, I have much more energy, I don’t have drops in my blood sugar anymore and therefore don’t need to snack in between meals…. I am making a more conscious effort to think about what I’m eating, making healthier choices and trying to get a decent amount of sleep each night as it makes a huge difference. 
When it comes to this sort of thing you always seem to think about the cost in terms of money and wonder if the return will be worth it, and perhaps just wondering about what it will actually entail. For me I had done some of my own research and had felt quite overwhelmed and didn’t really know where to start.
It was great to have the initial free one to one with you to understand a bit more about how you could help and to get a feel for how the sessions would be. Having not done anything like this before I wasn’t sure what to expect so it was an excellent introduction.  
…. I feel more informed about the importance of hormonal balance and its wider effects as well as health and well being in a general sense.
I have found the experience to be very positive and enjoyable and I feel much more informed and hopeful. I think that I now have a good awareness of what I can do to keep my hormones balanced and am more in tune with what my body needs and I have been given plenty to think about moving forward.
Holly Watson – Personal Assistant & Designer


  Now is the time to invest in your health, your body and your dreams 🙂





Since starting with Kezia, I’ve noticed major improvements in my skin, hair and nails. So have other people, so this is a delight. I notice that I am sleeping better and that I have more energy for all the active things I enjoy doing. One major breakthrough is that I am listening to my body more. I’m no longer comfort eating, and if I feel snackie, I’m able to take a few moments and identify if I’m bored, stressed, lonely or actually hungry. If I’m hungry then I’ll have a small snack, and if not then I won’t!
Initially I though it was an extravagance finance wise, that buying extra healthy ingredients was already increasing our food bills each week, let alone paying someone to ‘tell me what to eat’. HOWEVER, it has made such a difference to the whole family that we are in agreement that it was worth every penny.
 I liked the whole person approach she took, and it made me laugh that we could easily discuss poo in one sentence and then work stress or activities in the next. Kezia was a comfortable and easy person to discuss personal issues with.
The one to one service has transformed our whole approach to food. “
Nicola Finch – Mum – Teacher





More Testimonials…


After a couple of serious stomach infections in 2010… I struggled with my
woman-question-markdigestion and energy levels. Even after eliminating gluten and lactose from my diet two years ago, I would go through phases of extreme fatigue and I’d still suffer with bloating, nausea, cramping sensations and unpredictable bowel movements on most days. My sleeping pattern was all over the place and I had got to the point where I never thought I was going to have a good quality of life again. On top of all this, I often had panic attacks and stopped wanting to leave the house at all because I was scared of feeling ill.


Since starting coaching my overall health has improved. The first thing I noticed was a dramatic increase in energy, I was able to wake up several hours earlier than I normally would and I didn’t feel the need to nap in the afternoon either. Furthermore, my sleeping pattern improved and after a month or two I was able to go to bed and fall asleep before midnight on a regular basis (something I haven’t been able to do since before the age of twelve) and even if I didn’t, I still had the ability to get up the next morning.


I’ve also noticed an improvement in my stomach aches and nausea. I’m not as scared of eating anymore, and I know how to nourish my body….


 The improvement in my physical health has helped improve my anxiety and all in all I feel like I am now truly on the journey to recovery.


At first, I was unsure of what the process would be like, whether it would work and whether Kezia would be able to offer anything I couldn’t just google myself! After the initial 30 minute consultation, it was very clear to me not only how knowledgeable she is, but also how empathetic and supportive she is and I felt very confident making the decision to work with her.


 It seemed like a bit of a risk considering I had no idea if I’d actually feel better, but it has been completely worth it. You cannot put a price on your health, and there’s no point in having money if you’re not well enough to enjoy spending it!

Jemima Hardy – Student






10421525_10152428533715943_2757768732378902728_nI had ME for 8 years which consisted of fatigue and consistent body pain. By the time I discovered Kezia I was living a semi-normal life but always felt tired, was bloated, had pain all over my body and I couldn’t shift my Mummy tummy. I needed help!

My own journey was to eventually go completely grain free and sugar free. Within 3 months I’d taken up exercise again because I felt like I had the capacity to and by 6 months I was 80% pain and fatigue free. I’d never felt better! 

Kezia has helped me put foundations into my life that will always remain in my journey to health. We really are what we eat! Diet fads will come and go but Kezia is the real deal – genuine wisdom, lasting help and support and fun friendship to boot! Thank you Super Naturally Healthy! “ Jules Loveland – Essex – Mum and Comm Manager



“I have lost a stone and a half in the last 9 months, plus I was able to manage my hay fever without tablets this summer.  I also feel that my immune system is better as I have only had one cold since beginning the coaching- as a woman-question-markteacher I am used to regularly picking up colds from the kids so this is a big improvement.  I no longer get the early afternoon energy slump.  

I really liked the way that the coaching was tailored to our individual needs, working with Kezia has been great and she is really encouraging.  I also liked losing weight in a healthy way as I really hate the idea of faddy diets.  I feel like everything that I am eating now is actively doing me good, which is a really great feeling.

Since I have started working with Kezia, colleagues, friends and family have all commented on how well I look and how much weight I have lost.  Nobody at work noticed that I was trying to lose weight and in fact, most lunchtimes I have colleagues commenting on how delicious my lunch looks and how envious they are of what’s on my plate, compared to their sandwiches. ”
Elena – London – Teacher


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.48.42


Coaching is the best decision I ever made!  I was not being able to sleep more than 2-4 hours a night and I was at my wits end! I also got regular migraines which were pretty miserable too…

Now after a few sessions with Kezia I am sleeping through the night, wake up utterly refreshed, feel settled in myself less fractured, my migraines have massively reduced and people have noticed that I have a new spring in my step and that people keep commenting ‘keeping doing what you’re doing Bee as you are looking great!

Now I am heading back to the gym after 2 years and feel so much happier in my body and energy. And I feel the main important ingredient for me in seeing these changes was the on going support and connection with Kezia through our coaching. Cannot recommend it enough!! “
Bee Butcher, Reflexologist and Therapist






I am not a medical professional  and you under go health coaching at your own choice and risk.