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where you can become of Fabulous Fat Burning Machine!!!




Living every day feeling exhausted, bloated, and more slug like than svelte is no fun.

So many women live with feeling like they have lost that spark and confidence in their body. It’s just not who you are!

Whether it’s crazy hormones leading to low libido, zero energy – making exercise a distant memory, mysterious weight gain that makes no sense, or embarrassing digestion that has left you a master at the whole ‘who did that stinky fart‘ outraged face – when really, lovely, it was you wasn’t it?
(Don’t worry I too was the master at that facial expression!)

But what if you feel kick ass in your body. You felt strong, healthy, lighter, and, dare I say it…… sexier!?

What if you ate awesome foods! Were able to sustain a healthy weight without being hungry! Or without eating weird powder shakes before heading to the gym for an hour EVERY night?

What if… You woke up energised, plonking on some awesome clothes, grabbing a yum breakfast – knowing that you were not only at a healthy weight but you were also HEALING your body and even preventing future disease?!



I know you might think I am crazy-ass but it is 100% possible for you.

With my 8-week group coaching program, I can show you how to become one fat burning female!





Errrr….who the heck am I?


So I am Kezia (pronounced kezeee-a) Hall and I want to be your cake eating, health cheerleader.

Before you think I am some insane internet scammer – here’s the deal. I used to be sad, sick, and stuck on the loo, with about 2 stone extra weight hanging around. I had multiple ‘random’ health issues that I was just told to live with. But I knew I wanted more. I wanted to feel awesome, to travel, to pursue my dream but with my confidence down the toilet (literally – 8 years of chronic diarrhea does that to you) I decided to take my health and healing into my own hands.

As a holisitic health coach, which a special interest in functional medicine I use researched strategies to help my clients HEAL from the inside out whilst enjoying real, tasty, whole foods. I focus on helping women balance their hormones, heal adrenal and thyroid, sort out digestion and have a NORMAL relationship with food.

And I practice what I preach – I am not perfect, nor am I a size 8, but I am healthy and my body has found its ideal weight and it effortless for me to keep it there 😉

(Professional qualifications you ask? Diplomas in nutrition, life coaching and currently finishing up my MSc in nutrition – so I am FULL on health geek)




How can I help you?

Put simply I can help you lose that pesky 1-2 stone, heal your body and set your body up for beautiful health in the future.

If you can’t seem to lose weight or have insane and uncomfortable periods or are exhausted all the time, struggling with bloating, pooping too much or not enough, stuck in the ‘all or nothing’ mentality or find that your weight is constantly yo-yo-ing back and forth….

Then I’ve got just what you need.

Think 10lb lost in the first 8 weeks and then the rest as the program goes on and your body heals.

Think REALLY tasty food every day and NEVER feeling hungry/hangry.

Think balance hormones or no more brain fog or healthy hormones….finally.


Put simply I can help you lose that pesky ‘won’t budge‘ weight, heal your body and set your body up for beautiful health in the future.




What is The Flourish Academy?

It an online group coaching program, where I work with a limited and exclusive number of women together and help them become fabulous fat burning females.

It focuses on an 8-week intensive with options for ongoing support, where I take you step by step through my research backed, nutritional strategy to getting your body in one slim and sexy place. takes place 

Every week I introduce a new module and we gradually together transition your body into one healing state.

The modules include:

  • Week 1 – RESET – resetting your body, taste buds and dietary habits 
  • Week 2 – Mindset Detox – you are what you believe
  • Week 3 – Dealing with your Fat Phobia – all about the fat
  • Week 4 – Healing the Body – nutritional ketosis & fat & inflammation
  • Week 5 – The ‘S’ & Your Hormones – a new approach to stress management 
  • Week 6 – Self Care – the 7 pillars of self-care and self-care assessment
  • Week 7 – Exercise & your body  – how to fit it in and what your exercise personality
  • Week 8 – Making peace with your plate – how to sustain results FOREVER


All the content is delivered online via live workshops, emails, a members site and so much more.



Just think where you could be in 8-12 weeks time?!


Or you could be in the same place, feeling the same way you have felt for ages, knowing your not nourishing and caring for your body in the way you want to….


Because here’s the deal. This isn’t just about you.
When you invest and care for yourself you impact those around you positively too.
You show them how to be healthy, you help them heal and a ripple effect reaches across your family, friends, and community!





Who is this group coaching program for?

It is for you if you…

  • are stuck and unable to shift any of those pesky pounds
  • are hungry all the time
  • have zero energy
  • are inflamed, puffy and sore
  • have hormone imbalances, weird periods, PCOS, are peri/post-menopause or have fertility issues
  • struggle with bloating and crazy ass poops
  • you are obsessed with food and need some food freedom
  • you have access to and use the internet and Facebook
  • need weekly accountability to keep you inspired and aligned


You’re probably NOT ready for this if you don’t want to create new habits or learn a new way of eating or are a vegan. This also probably isn’t for you if you are strict vegetarian – its perfect for those who are happy eat fish though!


Investment time…

This isn’t just about getting slimmer, this is about investing in your future health and healing – so it’s priceless stuff.



The Flourish Academy 8 week group coaching course with personal recommendations and coaching.

(Payment plans are available and start from £95)


The Academy is now closed.

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What’s included?

  • The Flourish eBook – the foundations to get you started
  • Recipes galore – over 80+ recipes to get you started
  • Weekly coaching sessions, Q&A and workshops for the 8 weeks
  • Personal supplement, lifestyle, and exercise, recommendations tailored just for you – this isn’t a ‘one size suits all’ program!
  • 24/7 support in our online coaching group (via Facebook)
  • Additional resources and support on eating out etc
  • 8 week worth of meal plans 
  • Access to additional low-cost support after the program is finished


  • Access to my Hormones Healing Bundle – with workshops on hormones balance, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid
  • The Sweet Treat Collection eBook – 25+ delicious recipes for all sorts of cakes and treats – YUM!
  • x2 BONUS implementation and coaching weeks, making it 10 weeks in total.


Now is the best time to take action and I can’t wait to show you step by step how to become one cake eating fat burning female – yay!!!



Things like this are regularly posted in the coaching group…






More Success Stories:







>> Is it family/spouse friendly?

Yes, people often comment about how healthier their other halves are by them just cooking family friendly meals. Clients have sent me pictures of kids eating smoothies or enjoying homemade chicken nuggets and fish fingers –so yes this does not mean you need to make two meals at dinner time – life is far too short that that sort of faffing…


>> I lack motivation and give up easily, so I always fail at losing weight…

Then quit trying to lose weight.

Yep, I just said.

Instead,  focus on creating a healthy life. Focus on eating real food, on loving yourself and giving yourself permission to be YOU!

And all the support, love, and resources in this will help you do just that.


>> Can I be vegan or vegetarian?

This is not suitable for vegans – sorry.

This is also only suitable for vegetarian who are happy to eat fish – meaning its perfect for Pescatarians! But not for strict vegetarians unless you are willing and open to trying fish/meat.


>> ‘Ohhh that sounds expensive Kezia…..’
This is the cheapest this program will ever be. The next time I launch it will increase in price – so I would get in quick.

But really it comes down to the question of:

What does your health mean to you? How much do you want it? And do you think you’re worth it?

To me being vibrantly healthy, confident, slim and energised is PRICELESS. I have invested thousands and thousands of pounds into my own health and healing and not one penny has been wasted. (Well maybe that lavender flavoured dark chocolate was a waste of money …tasted like soap!)

So it not really about the money – it’s about how much you want it and if you’re ready for it.


>> Will I get any one on one time with Kezia?
No this is not a private program every weekly session will be group based BUT you will get personalised recommendation from me after your initial online health assessment. This will cover lifestyle, dietary and supplement recommendations.


>> Will there be a refund option?
Simply put no. I will consider emergency circumstance or situations but I want women who are ready for change and want to go all in.



The Academy is now closed.

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The Academy is now closed.

Click the box below to get first access when it next opens