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About me

Imagine if being healthy, energised, healed, happy and all round kick ass was actually pretty simple AND delicious?

That you could still bake, eat cake and have those nights in front of the telly in your pyjamas, with a glass of wine and some 90’s chick flick on the telly (Clueless is my fave!) without the guilt, the bloated belly, awful skin the next day or the ‘I feel like a beached whale’ thought. 


Well, I am on a mission to show you that it is possible!IMG_7637


I am Kezia Hall and I run Super Naturally Healthy and I used to be SAD, SICK and stuck on the LOO.

Then I learned how to use food as my medicine and am here to provide you with delicious and simple solutions to getting healthy, healed and happy! I am passionate about food, about healing your body, and about you having a  healthy, happy and dare I say it sexy (?!?) body and life you LOVE.

But I don’t think that getting healthy, losing weight or sorting out your health issues needs to be hard, overwhelming or as much fun as munching on a celery stick (which is no fun by the way…unless said celery stick is covered in almond butter…)

 Super Naturally Healthy is all about empowering and equipping you to bring greater health, healing and joy into your life and world through nutritional and lifestyle changes.  I believe that naturally based and holistic approaches to nutrition can improve the quality of your entire life.  

Here is how I can help you:

>>>>> Nourish – a transformational group coaching membership and community that ensures create one effortlessly healthy life, with one happier and flatter belly and balanced healthy hormones

>>>>> The Green Smoothie Challenge – take 10 days to add one simple and delicious thing to your day to see some MASSIVE results. This will be the easiest and most delicious cleanse of your life. START TODAY.

>>>>> My online holistic nutrition practice – this is where we work one on one to create a bespoke plan of action to help you overcome your hormones issues, crazy belly or endless fatigue.



As a qualified Holistic Health Coach, which is a unique blend of both Holistic Nutritional knowledge and Life Coaching skills, I still consider the main bulk of my expertise been gained from over 10 years experience in dealing with my own weight gain, IBS, chronic diarrhoea, hormones issues, and other digestive issues, skin problems, depression and much more. (Watch my story here).


I also created this business as I want to see EVERYONE get healthier – so read about how you can help us change the world here.   


10 Random Facts About Me

  • I am NOT a size 8 (they fit round my ankles only), am 5ft 8in and probably weigh around 11 stone…maybe….I don’t actually know? So still have a healthy amount of wobble and curve that I have learned/am learning to LOVE. I focus on healing and health rather thanIMG_7883 skinniness, beauty rather than perfection and always choose cake or smoothies over salads.
  • I love eating onions. Cooked in ghee or coconut oil and OMG best thing ever!
  • My first 10 jobs mainly involved taking people to the toilet and serving tea (not at the same time I might add)
  • The man of my dreams (AKA husband) is born on the exact day, month and year as me …weird!  
  • I spend a lot of time dancing (poorly) around my house.  
  • I am obsessed with gut health, poop, hormones and genetics. I stay up late reading books about it and think it is the root of most health issues.   
  • I believe in crazy, wild, miracles and the God who makes then happen!   
  • Before starting this business… I worked as an artist in the community (still do occasionally) and for many charities who worked with the more disenfranchised of our society. I just love people….and making stuff.
  • I lived in Italy for 6 months – that is where the coffee and ice cream addiction began.
  • I have a very realistic pillow of a cat called Bernard (as seen above)  which I often talk to…but I actually hate real life cats. Weird.





Super Naturally Healthy Values

That we should Eat and Live at Naturally as Possible. Avoiding processed foods, trying to make our food from scratch, using traditional methods and incorporate natural movement into our days – walking, cycling, jumping, picking up small but heavy children…  


That many Diseases are caused by Poor Gut Health. Living a stress filled, antibiotic drenched life means our guts can become unbalanced and toxic. Like Hippocrates said ‘All disease begins in the gut’ – I agree.    


That the Choices we make are Powerful. What goes in or on our bodies has an impact on our health and well-being. Our mind, stomach, bowel, ability to sleep, skin, heart, happiness levels, eyes, spirit etc, are all connected and interlinked, true health is about treating the whole person. Nutrition is key in this, our food choice can harm or heal us.        


That Balance is Key. Yes eating and moving right is important but not if you are going to become stressed about it. Small sustainable steps are key, transforming your life into a super naturally healthy one takes time. This is no faddy diet website (although when you’re healthy you will be at your ideal weight), but about a life long journey of health and happiness.      


Heavenly Intervention. Natural nutrition and lifestyle choices can help heal us and make us healthy because  all of the food, herbs, plants and knowledge we gain comes from a loving, generous and powerful God who made us to be completely healthy and healed. To fully heal we need more than food, we need divine intervention and powerful love to invade our lives.        


We are all Unique. All of our bodies need different things so there is no lecturing or enforcing specific regimes on you. I aim to encourage you to listen to our own body’s unique needs and make sustainable changes accordingly.             



Thanks for visiting we would LOVE to hear from you so please come say hello or ask any questions you have on my Facebook Page.



Diploma in Life Coaching

Diploma in Holistic Nutrition

Diploma in Sport Nutrition

Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists

BAHons – Fine Art

(MSc in Nutritional Science & Practice – due to be completed in 2018)