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2018: My Intentions, Reflections & Goals (FREE WORKBOOK)

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I did have another post planned for you this week – but I felt like to do something a tad more personal and take some time you to reflect on the year past and the year to come.


I am simply asking a few questions, nothing too crazy or in-depth and I highly recommend you do this for yourself – so much so that I am whipped up a FREE Resource for you to do the same! Click below to download my ‘Release & Alignment Workbook’ to move on from 2017 and create one beautiful 2018.


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So in this post and in the FREE workbook you can get above we will cover:

– Releasing 2017 – the highs, lows and things I am proud of, lessons learned, as it important to let go of all that happened last year to make space for this year!

– Aligning for 2018 – my intentions and phrase for the year, my goals for life and business, the things I will say no too, my top priority for the year and other questions to ensure I stay aligned and on ‘purpose’ this year. (AKA not another year just drifting by aimlessly!



Releasing 2017

Honestly, I reallllllyyyyy needed to do this. I did it on the full moon night and just did a big journaling session and let it all out. 2017 was a real mix for me of some beautiful moments and some consistent disappointments.


The Highs:

  • My health – it honestly feels like its been the best it’s ever been! It’s not perfect but boy I feel so much better then I have before. The (super mild) chronic fatigue is slowly decreasing, my gut is super happy, my hormonal cycle is lengthening, and I have felt totally in tune with my body
  • New Home – I will do a post all about my new ‘Super Naturally Healthy’ home soon, but I never planned on moving this year but we did and its BLISS!
  • Husband – You know when you have those days when you’re freaking out about making the smallest decisions or have to make a big decision that will impact your life? When I have those moments I remember that 5 years I made the choice to marry Joe and every day I live in the fruit of that awesome choice. #marriagerocks
  • Family – simple things really but have been loving watching my nieces and nephews grow up and be cute!
  • Working with my sister – my big sisters works part-time for the business and although I was nervous about it – it has been the BEST!
  • Tests – this year I have invested a lot in private lab test and knowing EXACTLY whats going on in my body has been the bee’s knees.
  • Road trip to Canada – I love holidays and I completely switched off from all work!


The Lows
To be honest I struggle to think of many – forever the optimist – but on reflection, I have found these two things REALLY hard:

  •  Business stress – to be honest, I have found run this business hard this year. It’s felt like a series of disappointments. I am so clear and so passionate about helping people heal and live the beautiful lives they were created for and whilst I have grown this year it’s been slower then I would have liked. World domination has yet to happen (Pinky & The Brain style) and know if I can pay the bills each month has not been that fun. I have thought seriously about ending the business a few times but never felt like it was the right thing to do and I just needed to keep on going. This is partly due to me being so very hard on myself. I have actually grown the biz this year and am really proud of it and it is helping so many people but I like you can get easily stuck in the pit of DOOM.
  • Failing one of MSc assignments – I cried for a while about it. I feel like I studied really hard and yet failed. I hate failing and felt so stupid. (Turned out I am actually dyslexic though so it makes sense of why I failed in hindsight)


Things I am proud of myself for:

  • I invested money in myself. As an artist and ex-charity worker spending money on me has been hard. So I am really proud that I invested lots of money into private lab tests, some pretty mugs, therapy, acupuncture and fancy coffee.
  • Saying NO more. Now I am not the boss as this but this year I have said no to a walking weekend, climbing up a mountain, volunteering at church, charity projects and other good things as I knew my focus is on completing my Masters and running my business.
  • Boundaries. Again still not boss at this but I have MUCH better boundaries now then I have before. Better boundaries with business, church, family, and friends.
  • I started meditating. I have REALLY struggled with this and am far from perfect BUT I have made progress – go me!
  • Daily walks. Most days (except in awful weather) I take a walk and its small thing but I am proud.



Lessons learned…

  • Studying takes up a lot of time and I need to give more time to it.
  • I love one to one client work so I want to do more of it.
  • I love seeing people in person – so again do more of it (hence my Retreats!)
  • Put teabag wrappers in the bin to keep Joe happy.
  • I am not a great ‘house wife’ and that’s ok. (AKA Joe is better as laundry and tidying and keeping home’. I cook and make things beautiful but am no longer allowed to do the laundry as I am SO bad at it.
  • Don’t vulnerable share other peoples lives on social media without seeking permission first
  • If I am tired rest and do less exercise.
  • Trust my gut knowing about my health above any doctors or ‘normal’ lab result – dig DEEP!


Aligning for 2018


I have to say I am not really planning on doing anything big or huge this year. I still have another 1.5 years left of my Nutrition Msc and  want to create world domination with my business (no joke) but I also a determined to get healthier and happier in the process.


My phrase for last year and this year is:


with grace and ease!


My core desired feelings (a la Danielle La Porte) are:

  • abundance
  • simplicity
  • creativity
  • joy
  • flow



Goals for 2018


  • Keep prioritising my own health
  • Get more test was done (another organic acid test to see any changes and others as needed)
  • Get my wrist healed so I can do regular yoga again – going to pursue this via acupuncture, prayer, and pyhsio
  • Complete x4 seasonal, gentle and beautiful detoxes. Mind-body and spirit.
  • Intermittent fast 1-3 times a week but never skipping breakfast – just focus on eating dinner by 5 pm and not eating again until 9 am next day but ONLY if I feel good.
  • Read the bible in a year – this will be a challenge. I hate religious activity for the sake of it and hate being told what to do every day but feel like there is treasure for me in these ancients stories & texts.
  • Follow the moon cycles – learn more about this and honour it some way in my life with some fun rituals.
  • Figure out how I can volunteer for a charity a deeply believe in – not sure where I will find the time but putting it out there!!
  • Make some new art just for me



  • Start my own PODCAST!!!!! coming at your soon
  • Get monthly business coaching – I have joined a mastermind with will be getting coaching with it so BOOM.
  • Work 3 days a week on biz – been doing this already but going to keep going
  • Run in-person retreats – yay!!
  • Provide more awesome free content and boot camp to ensure you see the transformation you want this year whether you become a client or not!
  • Really show up – I know this sounds odd but I have realised that I do hold back part of who I am in my business for fear of appearing too extreme, unbalanced or weird. But I am going to give myself permission to be me and offend people.
  • Weekly Facebook live show.



Things I will say no too…

  • Extra no essential Uni activities.
  • Working before 9 am
  • Jam-packed weekends – I need chill time
  • Working on the weekends – even with all the work I have on I need some space
  • Instagram – not sure when but I want to do a 30 day no Instagram challenge as I think I am addicted
  • Dairy (except butter)- it really isn’t my friend ;(


What I am excited about…

Getting even healthier – looking after myself as key!
Creating beauty. In my home, in my mind, in my marriage, in my art work.
Learning to be present.
Growing my business with joy, ease, grace, and abundance by helping women heal and regain their health.
Completing part one of my Msc without a nervous breakdown and begin the dissertation.

BOOM. 2018 is going to be AWESOME!!!!!


And I would LOVE to hear from you in comments below otherwise make sure you grab your free Workbook by clicking below.


  Get the FREE Workbook Here >>>>

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