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How to Start Eating Gluten Free: Your 5 Step Guide

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Going gluten free…. 


Know that you feel better without it or at least less of it but just get overwhelm on what the heck to actually eat instead? 


I know when I went gluten free 3-4 years ago I was totally unsure of what to eat and how to do it so today we are all about how you transition to eating gluten-free and I’m going to go through my five steps that will help you get ready. And if that isn’t enough, I’ve also got an entire free eGuide based on how to go gluten-free. I know I am too kind 😉


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But why bother?

Gluten is tasty so why bother cutting it out? I’ve written extensively about this, (see here for more info) but basically, gluten is often very processed, inflammatory to the body, and been genetically modified. And most people that I encounter in one2one sessions or who have digestive to auto-immune conditions feel worse consuming it.


But in general, I feel the amount of processed gluten that we currently have in our diet is just unnatural and historically has never been this way. Gluten is now a staple of our diet and it causes so many problems on so many levels. Often when I’m chatting to clients in a One to One or members within my community  and they find going gluten free is key to healing their body and finding their ideal weight.


So how do you go gluten free without going crazy, feeling you are weird, or just getting totally overwhelmed by what you will eat?


I have created five steps that are going to help you go gluten-free.


1. Practice

We got to be kind to ourselves, ease ourselves in, and gently practice. I do not advocate the whole “Tomorrow I’m going completely gluten-free for the rest of my life and I’m just doing it” approach as it doesn’t tend to work. Start by practicing even before you want to go gluten-free. Practice having one or two gluten-free meals a day, like a gluten-free breakfasts; that could be a green smoothie, some eggs, and salmon.

Whatever it is, aim to have one meal of gluten-free a day and when you feel confident with gluten-free breakfasts, then transition to having a gluten-free dinner.  Practice makes perfect.


2. Prepare

If you want to go gluten-free, you need to have some good gluten-free alternatives in your house, cupboard, fridge and freezer.

You need it to be on hand, as you don’t want to be thinking every night about what you need to buy. A food list is provided in my eGuide below to help you with this. 



3. People

You have to tell people why you are doing this.

Just telling everyone you are going gluten-free or they should be gluten-free, doesn’t really help people to connect with what you are doing. What you actually want to communicate with them is why you are going gluten-free. Be honest with your family and friends, “I’m going gluten-free and I know that it might be a little headache for you, but I’m doing this because I’m feeling lethargic and sick lately. I want to give this a try and see if I feel better and have more energy.”

People that love you will care about the why. Tell the right people why you are going gluten-free. That is really important.



Gluten-free meals or snacks are not just going to appear in front of you.

Food will appear when you plan for it, so if you want to go gluten-free, you need to plan some awesome, delicious, speedy gluten-free meals and snacks that can get you through the day. I’ve got an entire gluten-free meal plan in the eGuide and every recipe from on my site is gluten-free so you can take some inspiration from there.


5. Patience

There will be times when you eat food that has gluten in and you did not realize. You have to be patient and kind with yourself, going gluten-free is not an excuse to beat yourself up. That is not healthy. It is a process, in which you are setting yourself up for a Super Naturally Healthy life, not just a few weeks or months. Be patient with yourself.


If you want to implement those steps, download the eGuide and put it into action.





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