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What I Ate Today…

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day of eating


Well technically this is what I ate yesterday but hey 🙂


I used to do regular what I ate post but I thought I would bring it back a bit as I just got out the habit and as this week I am keeping a food diary it would be the perfect chance.


So here is what Fridays eatings and life-ings look like for me…


Woke up


 This has been really hard to do recently. I am normally SUCH  a morning person but think it is because I am due a holiday…anyway drank about 1-2 pints of warm water with fresh lemon


I normally start the day journalling or meditation but today I started the day with singing which is always good for my soul maybe not so good for my neighbours!


After this I start working pretty early. Normally some in my smelly gym stuff, planning, emails, one2one coaching notes or researching for clients or creating bespoke protocols so they can HEAL. Then when I get hungry 






 A large bowl of cabbage, onion, broccoli and 1 organic egg scrambled and sauerkraut – YUM! It was a large breakfast but I was pretty hungry.


Then I fancied a cocoa to help wake me up and fill me up further, so this is cocoa powder, a medjool date, coconut oil and chia seeds blended together with hot water into chocolatey frothy goodness.



Unless I am heading to the gym early I exercise mid morning then get properly dressed. So I did  about 40 minutes of some sort of pilates yoga blend I got from Yoogaia who have been giving me a free trial and its great – loads of pilates and yoga workout ready to do in the comfort of your own front room. The introverts dreams!!







 Then realised I was running late so had some quick Courgette spaghetti with homemade pesto (do you want the recipe?) which I have been eating all week  and an chia energy bite – recipe coming at you soon 😉



Then on my travels I passed Wholefoods so swung by for a Friday smoothie treat – I had a berry and kale based one and it was YUM! I know I can make one at home but Wholefoods is my happy place and I had a friend who needed cheering up so I dragged them along too 🙂 PLUS they made too much smoothie so I got double smoothie for free – it’s the small things that make a day…


Then after with more work and setting up my VIP Flourish page – where you can sign up today to get not only first access to my new and rejigged Flourish eCourse launching in August you also get a FREE Flourish Health Check which you can instantly download and start to keep to help you LISTEN to your fabulous body.


<<< Otherwise if you are interested in really creating a deliciously healthy LIFE then make sure you sign up to become  Flourish VIP by clicking here!  >>>>


Then I sent my weekly email to all the Super Naturally Healthy Tribe to give them first dibs (not a part of the crew? Then sign up here) and then…







I had a one2one client until 6.30 and then we need to be out the door to go see someone speak in Edinburgh so I pre made some of my tasty pizza topped with feta and onion before my session so we could eat on the road. I also packed some energy bites for Joe (although I ate them too) and my peanut butter fudge squares for me (Joe dies if he eats peanuts but I don’t let that stop ME!) which we mainly ate on the way home with some water.





Then home and a sleep by 11.30 where I had the craziest of dreams but I won’t bore you with there bizarreness…




I took a probiotic and vitamin C in the morning along with some collagen for my joints and then forgot to take anything else the rest of the day!


I have been taking HCL with meals but I have ran out so waiting for more to arrive but more on HCL other day as it is fabulous stuff  when used correctly.


So that was a day of eating where to be honest I was pretty hungry all day, I think I am just in need of a holiday which means energy is depleted on all fronts but exercise helps and I am sleeping in more .


But TELL ME what have food have you beed eating lots of recently? What does a day on YOUR plate look like?

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