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If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I am all about having a healthy gut. In fact you could say I have a bit of an obsession in knowing all that is going on inside my body and especially but digestive system. I talk about probiotics, healing the gut, removing pathogenic bacteria and other bizarre things like oil pulling and oregano oil (yes, it is like a pizza in your mouth but with the cheesy tasty fun!). In fact I have done any radical and bizarre things all in the name of allowing my body to heal.

Some people call be a bit extreme and I get that (I am super passionate – honestly it just bursts out of me!) but it is because I get really excited, and I mean really excited, about you and I being well. Being energised, slim, confident, pain free, full of life and no longer being bothered my annoying sicknesses.  That is what this is all about. And I am super passionate about you going at this at your own pace and making it accessible for you, breaking things down and digestible (quite literally!). Some of you will have extra fat that you have tried tie and time again to shift but to not avail, or skin issues you have used every cream under the sun for. Did you know that the answer could be found in healing your gut? I believe we can all be well – it is not for the lucky or elite – greater health is available for YOU!

Back in the day Hippocrates  said that all disease begins in the gut and through the years I have come to agree. Now I have been pretty lucky with my health over the years compared to some of you out there but it has still not been a bed of roses, with unexplained pains in my tummy since I was about 8 years old, terrible and embarrassing bowel habits right up to adulthood, depression, fatigue, spasms and a whole host more. When I was 17 years old and sitting in the doctors office I was told there was not much they could do for me except prescribe me some drugs and I had to learn to live with it (whatever ‘it’ was??)). So it was at that point that I decided to forge my own path, go against the grain and figure out how I could be well. I mean I wanted to travel the world but it felt like I already have Delhi Belly living in friggin Scotland so that dream was not going to bode well! 

And that wonderful readers in where I began my journey into learning about the importance of gut health. The more I read and research the more I am convinced that the state of our digestive system  (meaning from out mouth to our butts) play a key, if not the largest role, in our overall health.

small tummy imageI have read the likes of Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride of the GAPS diet, Elaine Gottschall on the SCD diet or the Paleo Mom and other regarding the AIP diet and as always I continue to learn. And I know that when I first started hearing about healing the gut that all the information was a bit overwhelming and I had no idea where to begin.

‘Give up sugar, give up gluten, drink bone broth – are you mad’ were my initial reactions but over time I implemented changes step by step at my own pace and with my own tweaks and I can happily say that I am now the healthiest I have been in a long time and I would love to share all I have learned with you! You don’t have to get overwhelmed by all the information out there – you can forge your own path too.

On the Thursday 19th March I am running a LIVE coaching session which is going to be all about Healing The Gut. We will talk about why  gut health is important and how can it impact weight loss, things like IBS, acne, eczema and even things like depression and PMS. We will spend time looking at what causes our digestive system to get damaged and how to avoid them. And most importantly we will break everything down into practical digestible step and actions – so say good bye to that sense of feeling overwhelmed

PLUS I will share with you the 5 Foundations to Gut Health that I have learned for keeping your tummy healthy and it will be a super practical session with loads of chance to ask your questions. Plus you will get lots of print outs and resources to help you put all you have learned into practice and a meal plan to kick you off – plus a few surprise bonuses that I will reveal on the call itself.

So if you are like I was and am sick of living with bloated tummies, embarrassing toilet habits or smells, periods that make you go crazy or other health issues that don’t seem to go away despite trying everything then I urge you to join me for this coaching session. You know our bodies are really clever, they actually WANT to be well and healthy we just have to learn HOW we can facilitate this health and gut health is key to this.

This will be the perfect beginner session for those of you who want to know more about healing your body or if you are a GAPS and SCD pro then this will hopefully shed some fresh light and approaches to bolster your healing.

So it is time to feel fabulous and learn the secrets to a healed and healthy gut so that you can live the life and have the body you have dreamed of! So don’t suffer for any longer than you need to get you beautiful butt over to my coaching shop and sign up today.

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