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Flourish Uncovered: Beths Journey

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As you will know this little corner of the internet is all about helping you thrive. To equip you with the knowledge, recipes and general know how so that you can be well and live the life you were created to live.

For some of you this may mean getting in shape (anyone else just thought about how weird a phrase that is – what shape do we exactly get into???) create healthy families or overcome health issues. We all have out own unique paths to go down and I am a firm believer that there is no one size fits all when it comes to health and what to eat,  so it takes time to discover what our own bodies need and how we can create habits  and lifestyles that allow our dreams and souls to Flourish!

So on that Flourishing note I want to introduce a new series I will be posting that will hopefully inspire you no end. One of my wonderful Flourish coaching course clients is going to share with you her journey, the highs and lows of pursuing getting healthy. She will be sharing the meals, food, laughs lessons she is learning along the way so that we can glean from all her wisdom and get inspired by her unique story into the world of greater wellness.

She today is a mini intro into the wonderful woman that is Beth Bradnum! I sent her a few questions so that we could all get to know her a bit more and she has the cutest baby so I may have included a lots of picture of her too. Cute babies make for happy Fridays do they not!?

She is a wonderful Mum of a lovely little girl, works as an administrator 3 days a week and is married to South African so know a lot about good wine and as you will see below she is one mean baker….






















So tell us about yourself Beth, who are you and what do you love?

I am me! I am 25 years old, a bit of a gypsy (in that I hate answering the question ‘where are you from’) and I love having fun and being happy! I have a beautiful daughter called Florence (who is nearly one!! Eeek!) and a hot husband called Rowan whom I love dearly. My family and friends are my world! I am on a journey of discovery, discovering more about myself, the world and god, plus I love pineapples and star-gazing and stationary.

Why did you decide that you wanted to take part in the Flourish Coaching Program?

Ooooh many reasons! Primarily, I want to live a healthy lifestyle where I can be all that I am made to be, I’d like to live in equilibrium (whatever that means!) where my body is in its’ ‘natural state’, I’d like to finally shed some baby weight I’ve been lugging around with me, I want to feel happier, more content, more secure and more energetic and I want all this because I know that this will help me step into just by being more of who I am created to be! 

What are your main dreams and goal for the next 8 weeks?

As I said before I want to loose some lbs! I want to be in a place where I feel less ‘sluggish’ and I would like to move towards being the me I described above!


You know just one of Beth’s baking creations….!!!

























Also importantly cheese or chocolate ?

Ah man! Such a hard one!! Right now I’m trying to be (refined) ‘sugar free’ so definitely cheese – you can’t beat a good baked Camembert with garlic and rosemary!! But I’m also a sucker for Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations – the popping candy type… Mm! Sensation galore!
What do you think you biggest challenge will be?
Self control! Comfort eating and mummy groups!























What will help you over come that?

Reminding myself of point 2 above, having a friend to do it with and to encourage each other when times are tough! (make each other sugar free brownies!)

Dogs or cats?

Most definitely dogs! (Slightly influenced by my upbringing – my dad used to get the hose out when he saw a cat in the garden!)

And finally most importantly is if you could eat only one type of cake for the rest of your life which one would it be?

Yum yums! Soooooo goooood! 
Thanks Beth! What a woman. So stay tuned to see how her journey in health and wellness goes over the next few weeks.
How are you learning to thrive more?

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