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The astute of you will have noticed that this little site looks a wee bit different. Well maybe a lot different and that is because it has had a make over! 

I had created the previous website myself and although it was fine it was time for a revamp so that it would be able to handle the Super Naturally Healthy revolution! 

A lot of stuff is still the same but hopefully recipes will be easier to find as well as other specific topics. Also excitingly I have launched my promo film too which you can watch below! And if you like it then share it with your friend and help make this world a healthier happier place! 

Also I have created a new Freebies page where you can go and help yourself to loads of resources that are totally free and will help you get to where you want to be. There is a 7 Day Meal Plan, your Super Naturally Healthy and Slim eGuide and  brand new Manifesto – so that we can really get this real food revolution going! Get you freebies here and keep an eye on the page as I will add more to them as time goes on.

The other news bit on this site are my coaching shop! I have a few amazing coaching products up my sleeve to be launched in the next few months so this shop will just be super easy way to book into coaching sessions, buy eBooks and join coaching courses. You can however purchase you one2one coaching sessions NOW  if you are wanting to get some amazing result in your health and body (see all the testimonies at the side!). Just click here.

Then, although still in development, this new page is the one I am most excited about. Changing the world is really about the back bone why Super Naturally Healthy exists and why I am setting up my own business. I love freedom, and freedom can mean feeling happy in your own skin, not having health issues, having energy and being confident. Freedom is also about the right to make your own choices and run your own life, a thing that women trapped in human trafficking cannot do and why this website aim to support not only greater freedom for you but freedom for those caught in trafficking.

I love freedom and am on a secret mission to fight for everyone’s right to walk in freedom. Because whether its ‘big’ freedom (supporting work to end trafficking)  or ‘small’ freedom (feeling energised and confident) freedom is still freedom and it important no matter what the size. I will post a blog on it soon and will let you know when partnership have been confirmed but the idea is that with some of our profits we will support this amazing cause. So watch this space! Click here to view the page.

So I hope you enjoy having a good nosey round. Please bear with us as we still iron out some formatting issues and it appears a few recipes have disappeared (!!) so apologies for this but it should all be fixed in no time. And don’t forget to sign up to our regular emails as then you are first to know all that goes down here at Super Naturally Healthy! Click here to sign up – please excuse the muddled formatting! Bear with, bear with* ….

And do let me know what you think – I really value and listen to you feedback so let me know !

*Miranda reference – I am a huge fan!

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