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Beautiful Things #7


beautiful things After a week of feeling ill I thought the best way to counter act it all was look at some beautiful things to end the week and choose to be grateful about some amazing things in my life! 

1.Getting Kitchen Creative.

In between sleeping and  more sleeping I have managed to create some new recipes for my sugarFREE program starting in 2 weeks time. Well done me!

photo 4

2. Getting Arty

I finally got sent the catalog of a recent art exhibition  I was in. It was such a privilege to be a part of it as it was raising awareness on the topic of violence against women. I submitted some large photographs of broken watermelons (leave a comment below if you want to know more!). It ended in March but have only just received the catalog which brightened up entire week. To see more of my artwork go to www.keziaruth.com.

photo 5


3. Green Smoothies

Green smoothies  are great when you are too tired or ill to cook as they still provide loads of great vitamins and minerals and will cause energy to soar and boost you vitamin C. I have had one everyday this week and trust its done me well!

photo 1 (2)

4. Health Coaching Love

Before I got ill  I got to do a cooking  health coaching session where one of my clients faced their fears and used their juicer for the first time. I love watching people pursue their dreams and this photo is evidence of the courage shown that brightened my heart. It also inspired me to set up some cooking classes for this summer – both live and online – so watch this space

photo 2 (2)

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