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#1 Doing a Pull Up & Tips on Pursuing your Dreams

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Following on from Mondays post I decided to make it official. I now have a tiny video record of phase one of pursing my dreams of doing a pull up! (scroll down to see)

You have dreams inside you that are unique. Some of them are massive save the world type dreams. Some of them are smaller less world changing (but equally significant) ones like doing a pull up. 

You matter.
Your dreams matter.
And it is worth pursuing those things unique to you. 

This isn’t about become an ‘all about me’ person, who only ever wants to benefit themselves, this is all about you coming alive, expressing your true nature and self .

So yes a pull up is perhaps a seemingly silly example, but it’s really about me rewriting my history. My history is filled with being told I was too big/fat to do any sporting activity, and was bullied for years about it and picked last for all teams. I believed I was rubbish at anything that relied on my body so me doing a pull up is about redeeming and rewriting my history, finding out what my body can do and celebrating of all the healing that has happened in this body of mine. 

After spending a few years focusing on getting my stomach and gut well and dealing with back problems, this marks the start of a new season  of pursing big and small dreams, having greater movement in my back, building life long strength into my God given body but mainly being able to do the monkey bars and be strong enough to pick people up!

Here is a snippet of #1 A Woman Doing A Pull Up! (I do yabber on but feel free to mute! I wont be offended)

Want to learn more about how to do a pull or where to even begin? Watch this!

Want to pursue your dreams? Here are some tips:

  1. Write them down. Make a dreams list and aim for 100!
  2. Tell people. You don’t need to blog about it but share it with someone . This is scary as dreams can be vulnerable things – but feel the fear and do it anyway!
  3. Take the pressure off. This is not about working hard, burning out and striving, this is about you agreeing that your dreams are important and valuable. Yes some of them will seem impossible, God is really big and he made you to be really clever.
  4. Set an action. Decide one one small step your could take towards your dreams. So for example maybe you dreams of studying again and doing a masters or phd. A small step for you could be researching the courses, uni and cost of it all.
  5. Have fun and do it with someone if you can.

Have an amazing weekend and let me know what your dreams are in comments below!

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