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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating #15


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Today day of eating is another day of office based eating.

Many of you, like me , will at some point find yourself in an office for 1, 2 or 5 days of the week. Offices can be fun places to be, full of stationary ( I love stationary!), people and productivity. They can sometimes stump peoples attempts at healthy eating though due to vending machines and cantines, plus we often thinking making your own lunch/snacks is too hard. 

This does not have to be the case. Naturally healthy eating is totally possible when you are running out the door at 8am ( or 7.15 in my case), if you commute, or if you work 10/12 hour days . But healthy eating will not just suddenly happen to you, it needs to be your daily choice.

So for me that means that means making a batch lunch (soup) at the start of the week and storing loads of it at work. I make my snacks and breakfast the night before (I eat breakfast after my hour drive) and have large supplies of herbal teas and hot chocolate mix in the office kitchen.

So why not take some inspiration from this day of eating and know you CAN eat naturally not matter what stage of life you are at.


Waking: warm water with raw apple cider vinegar

Pre Breakfast Snack: a few bits of my new pumpkin granola bars – recipe to come soon!

Breakfast: My new breakfast obsession, which I am calling ‘breakfast crumble’ as it looks a it like a crumble with out the fruit… Anyway it basically yogurt/kefir layer with pumpkin (or fruit) with cinnamon and a chopped date topped with cocoa and ground linseeds. Keeps me full for ages and  it feels like a real treat – even though it is a healthy probiotic wonder!

2013-11-20 08.22.43

My breakfast half eaten – I was very hungry….

Lunch: Lentils, chilli and carrot soup made with chicken stock/broth – I have a large bowl full. Followed by a slice of my pumpkin granola bar and a cup of cocoa with a dash of real milk (I stole it from the fridge and it wasn’t organic but heyho).

Recipe coming soon - just need to perfect it slightly but so tasty!

Recipe coming soon – just need to perfect it slightly but so tasty!

Snack: Berries, spirulina, kefir, cocoa and other stuff (maybe spinach??) smoothie before my commute home.

Dinner: Needed an easy dinner tonight as I tend to come home and do business/blog work a few evenings a week  so I bought a vegetable stir fry mix and had it with cashews and pumpkin seeds with garlic, tamari sauce, ginger and chilli. I ate loads of this stuff!

Stir fry!

Stir fry!

Topped the day of with a hot chocolate, made from my mix but made with coconut cream for a richer creamer finish, sweetened with raw honey and I added some quality gelatine for its healing properties.

Drinks: Lots of ginger tea and peppermint tea (here is why you should fall in love with peppermint tea!)

Exercise: I had a 25 min (ish I never keep count) run in my lunch break and did intervals of push ups and tricep dips and running up stairs.

So there you have it! What have you guys been eating

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