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Beautiful Things #3

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beautiful things With the days getting a bit darker and colder, its even more important to take time to recognise those small but wonderful things. I get a bit sad as the light disappears so I make sure I celebrate all the wonderful things that surround me. So today’s beautiful things is a very autumnal, eclectic and colourful bunch.

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1. Lentils

Yes this may not sound like a very beautiful thing. Lentils are pretty boring in the grand scheme of things, but for me it has marked a very exciting turn of events. Since being on the GAPS diet fro over 10 months now I have been unable to eat lentils as although permitted on the diet , they upset my tummy when I ate them. Recently though I have been reintroducing them and hooray I can eat them. This is very exciting , as prior to doing GAPS I ate very much like a vegetarian so saying goodbye to lentils (and pulses) was very sad. So Hooray for lentils – why don’t we all have a little lentil appreciation…

Using 50% more energy and saving the back ache!

Using 50% more energy and saving the back ache!

2. Standing Desks.

If you read my 5 ways to get moving (+get happy) article , you will have read that one of my tips was to stand more often. Well I have taken my own advice and created my own standing desk ( I say ‘I’ loosely , it was mainly my genius engineering husband who did it all – everyone should marry an engineer). So the days when I am not doing my part time job, I spend standing at my desk developing my new business (nutrition and wellbeing coaching) and perfecting programs like Naturally Slim. I am totally noticing the difference as I feel like I have definitely expended more energy at the end of the day, but it is also really helping my back. So for all you bad back sufferers , I highly recommend getting yourself a standing desk, it will do wonders! And reduced discomfort and pain is a truly beautiful thing!

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 3. Pumpkin.

If you have been following me on twitter or facebook you may have noticed I am a bit pumpkin mad! Not beautiful in a standard way, as it actually quite bulbous and neon in colour, but I love it. Its like the unpopular one of the the vegetable patch that only comes out once a year and is a bit geeky, awkward looking, and slightly chubby. Yet it makes awesome breads and  pies. Plus it is a sign of seasonal eating, which is something I want to do more of as I feel it is a more natural approach to food choice. 

So here is to you,  you chubby, awkward, bright orange vegetable – to me you are beautiful!


2013-10-14 16.35.064. Concerto Magnificent: Anthology of All Things

I am a massive music fan. Now I wouldn’t say I was particularly clued up or knowledgeable , in fact I tend to always forget band /artists names, despite the fact I know by heart all the spice girls lyrics ! Music can be a wonderful thing, it can lift your soul, restore perspective and bring people together. This album was part of a commission art project that I was a apart of. A community was built around this music, friends were mad through singing songs and a town impacted by this piece of music. I was the visual artist working with the composers to engage the public in the project through workshops and events as well as a member of the choir. So when this popped through my postbox unexpectedly last week I was reminded once more of the power of people coming together, of creativity and the beauty it brings.


5. Hot Chocolate.

Its getting cold here and there is nothing I love more than a homemade cup of Hot Chocolate. I mean real hot chocolate, made from cocoa and spices with maybe a cheeky dash of whiskey too! They remind me of years past, simple living and simple ingredients. My easy hot chocolate recipe is coming up this week! 


What is lifting your spirits during this season? What beautiful things are you seeing? I always love to hear/see more beautiful things.

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