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Naturally Slim: Get Healthy – Enjoy Food – Lose Weight

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naturally slim smaller A few weeks ago I chatted to you a bit about my journey of weight loss in my Getting Healthy Not Skinny post.

Since my initial weight loss of 2 stone I have managed to maintain a healthy weight for about ten years but it hasn’t always been easy. At the beginning of my journey I ate lots of diet foods which allowed me to stay slim but wreaked havoc on my digestive health as they were filled with chemical and sugars. I also tried the exercise obsession technique which left with me back pain and undealt with emotions (funnily enough emotional pain doesn’t just disappear by running alone!) I also tried eating less but always that never lasted long as I would get dizzy and very very grumpy.

So over the last 5 years I began to listen to my body. Really listen. Because weight loss is only truly healthy if it is sustained, yo-yoing back and forth is not good for your body or metabolism. I realised that I didn’t need to eat ‘diet’ food, or exercise like maniac or even eat child sized portions – I just had to eat natural wholesome foods.

This led me to create my 5 Unique Principles that underpin the Naturally Slim program, a way of eating that can help you achieve life long health and weight loss that is natural and honours the way the body was made to be. Another unique aspect of this pilot Naturally Slim is  that it addresses mindsets and attitudes towards food. Being slim and at our ideal weight is not about food alone, its about making powerful choices daily about our food and lifestyle. My program is about ditching the diet mentality of tasteless foods and the idea that you are ‘on’ the diet or ‘off’ it, its about empowering you to create a way of eating that serves you well for life. Naturally Slim focuses on :

  • REAL FOOD – not chemical filled diet food, but enjoying  good quality meals and snacks.
  • Keeping active in natural, fun ways.
  • Healing the whole body – getting slim but still having health other health problems is not fun or healthy.
  • Uniqueness – one diet does not fit all and this program will kick start you to be aware of your own bodies needs and sensitivities. 

  Those who are currently on this program are telling me there bowels are happier, they feel cleaner, are enjoying real food, feeling healthier and loosing weight and are loving all resources I am supplying them with!

So if you want to kick start you health before Christmas, learn to eat in a natural way, lose a little or a lot of weight, with this pilot version of Naturally Slim is for you.

Join me in ditching the diet and start living a natural healthy and happy life!

 Click here to book in and find out prices or just email me direct at kezia@supernaturallyhealthy.org

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